Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Necrons codex review: Special rules and generic HQ's

Right. I have had a enough time to drool over my limited edition Necron codex. So now its time to share my thoughts with you.

Special Rules:

Reanimation Protocols:
Lets start with the big one, so before if a unit took casualties the models would be placed down, not removed. At the end of the phase you would make a reanimation protocols roll of a 5+ for each guy down unless the entire unit were removed.

Now its essentially feel no pain that cant be increased better than a 4+ and suffers a -1 penalty if the weapon causes instant death. If the model also has feel no pain then you must choose between them.

In my opinion Reanimation is much better now.

 Living Metal:
It now ignores crew shaken results flat. But not crew stunned. And heavy and super heavy vehicles get it will not die 6+.

Meh. Still good but different.


WS5 BS5 S5 T5 W3 I2 A3 LD10 3+ 80PTS

They have dropped 10pts but gained a better weapon and ballistic skill which is very nice. They also lost a bit in options. No more sempiternal weave, phase shifter is 4+ now. Orbs now longer worth points, and MSS got beaten with the nerf stick. Warscythes are 20pts now and lost ap1 but still one of the best cc weapons out there. Phylactery got better as now its IWND. Though different to the old one.

Think the way to run this guy now is in a decurion detachment on a barge, with Warscythe, Nightmare shroud, Phase Shifter and Phylactery.

WS4 BS4 S4 T4 W2 I2 A1 LD10 4+ 65PTS

They went up 40pts!! They no longer belong to a royal court and no longer have their funky weapons and upgrades. They and their unit get +1 to reanimation because of technomancer which is awesome, and for 25pts can take a chronometron for a 5+ invul against shooting attacks for him and his unit. He take items from Technoarcana and the Artefacts of the Aeon.

Definitly see these guys before must haves. Take the royal court formation in a decurion detachment. A good build i looked at was a Cryptek, with a chronometron, and solar staff in a unit of lychguard with Warscythe. So they are running around with a 5++ against shooting, a 4+RP, that if in a decurion detachment they will also have no matter what. And once per game for a turn your opponent can only snap shot at the unit due to the solar staff.

WS4 BS4 S5 T5 W2 I2 A2 LD10 3+ 50PTS

Meh. Meh. And yeah Meh. He raised 25pts and gained a wound. Takes up a valuable Cryptek or Overlord spot in HQ now. Unless you take the royal court formation. They alright if you just want either a cheap beat stick, or if you want a cheap HQ tax. But yea.

Crypteks are definitly without a doubt the star of he generic HQ's. Overlords are still smash you in the face awesome. Lords yea they are good just compared to the other two, theres not much competition.

Next I will be talking about Wargear and the named characters.

stay tuned.