Thursday, 4 December 2014

Sanguinary guard codex details

Via Anonymous Source

Also, after some time with a magnifying glass, the WD preview page for Sanguinary Guard shows:
165 points base
Can upgrade to 10-man for 35pts/model
All have the "Encarmine sword" as stock, but may take an "Encarmine axe" for free
Still have Fearless
Lose Red Thirst in favor of Furious Charge
Death masks are now 1 pt/model as opposed to 5 pts/model
Can still take power fists, plasma pistols, inferno pistols
Chapter banner is now 5 pts cheaper

The new tactical box does feature the heavy flamer and a heavy bolter.  No mention of the missile launcher.  And grav guns ARE in the box, meaning grav weaponry made it to the blood angels.  The hand flamers and inferno pistols will still be in the codex as well since the tactical squad has them in the kit.