Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Fantasy/40k crossover? Warning, Spoilers

 of Chaos on a mission at one point and while there meets, and is aided by, a scholar, a sorcerer, and an unusually large knight in gleaming silver armor. He is described as speaking in a strange language and claims that he has made a name for himself within the Realms of Chaos. When he fights demons he can fling out his hand and have blue flame erupt amongst them (storm bolter with psy bolts?). 

He distracts the demons long enough so that Araloth can complete his mission and on his way back out the elf sees the "knight" impaled upon a spear but still alive. He wants to save him but the scholar says that he will be fine and that the demons cannot ever truly kill him.

So it never says it's him... but it definitely sounds like Draigo to me. An overly large "knight" wandering the Realms of Chaos who is well known by its inhabitants? I think we just had out first 40k/Fantasy cross over in awhile. I think the writers thought they were being more subtle about it then they were...