Thursday, 4 December 2014

Endtimes for 40k

Via Heresy30k

End time for 40K is coming!

At the recent Black Library Weekender, some interesting things came up.  The most significant of which was vastly overlooked.  The End Times for 40K is coming.  Remember that little bit in the 6th edition Rule book that said there was a flaw in the Golden Throne?  Well, that little hint has grown into a full blown story line.

Graham McNeil said he had to got approval from the powers (probably due to the success of the End Times in Warhammer) to bring a similar story to 40K.  And it will start with the Ultramarines.

He has to write Crimson King first, then Battle for Macragge a space marine battle novel, then on to...Guilliman. That is right, the Primarch of the Ultramarines is coming back!   It will be part of the next Ultramarine story arc. He also said he is back for good, not just as a plot device to be put away when finished with.


I for one, cannot wait to see most of the good guy Primarchs come back.