Tuesday, 9 December 2014

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Updates to the information Below
via warseer's Iuchiban
Lords of War 2, Dante and Gabriel Seth.
Reclusiarchs gone?  Yes

Gabriel is a LoW. Basically the same, but lost his special attack. Now he causes +1 hit, for any 6 to wound.

Furiosos: Same cost, but the claws now cost +10 points. Getting additional attacks rule is gone. Now claws are Sx2, Shred, AP2.

Priests only in hq now, so no lesser version in elites?

Corbulo and lemartes, are they hqs now?
Yes and No. Lemartes is and IC that can only join DC units. Uses an Elite slot.

Priests bolster ws in area effect and fnp for their squad?
Both affect only to their squad.

Who can take heavy flamer?
Tactical squads and Sternguard Veterans (Max 2 per unit)

Does Mephiston have access to anything that makes him move faster than 6" in movement phase, e.g. Jump pack or Psychic abilitiy like "Wings of Sanguinius".

Sanginor, is he an IC?

Sanguinor has the cost of a Stormraven.

The rules are basically the same, but he does not improve the stats of a character anymore. This rule is gone.

Can you confirm if Dante still unlocks Sanguinary Guard as troops?
no, he does not unlock SG as tropos. BTW I haven't seen any FoC unlocking in the codex. Not even the command squad, which is Elite now.

Any news on the 2 tycho?
Tyco now does not ingore armour saves. His comb¡ weapon cannot use special ammo anymore.

So can tactical squads take 2 heavy flamers or just sternguard? Aww, no Devastators with flamers.
1 Heavy Flamer for tactical squads, 2 for veterans and no Heavy Flamers in Devastators

How does the terminator banner work?
Banner allows to reroll failed moral and pinning tests. 12" bubble

Is there still a priest in honour guard?
Honor Guard is gone from the codex.

Can sangujnary priests still take bikes/jp/terminator armour?
He can buy a bike, but not a Terminator armour.

Are Sternguard and Vanguard as per codex SM?
Basically yes, but both with FC special rule

Are there any special Terminator units?

Can bike squads and bike command squads take grav guns?
Bike units can take grav guns. Bike command squads do not exist.

Corbulo gives to all BA units at 6" +1WS & +1I. Not accumulative with an standard chalice bonus. 120 points, 3 wounds

So far, my first impression of the codex is quite positive. Specially the detachment. This +1 I when charging is sweet!!!!!