Wednesday, 26 November 2014

shield of baal:Deathstorm leaks

This weekend Shield of Baal:Deathstorm will go up for pre-orders.

The set is similar to stormclaw as it has a mini rulebook. A couple of existing units and new character per army.

25 miniatures, campaign supplement, and rules
Contents of the box set
Small Rulebook with Blood Angels on Front
Campaign Supplement -40pages
3 missions, rules and dataslates for each model, two formations- Strike Force Deathstorm and Phodian Annihilation Swarm

Blood Angels Strike Force- 12 models
Captain Karlean, 5 terminators, 5 deasth company, and a death company dreadnought

Phodian Annihilation Swarm- 13 models
Spawn of Cryptus, 8 genestrealers, 3 warriors, and a carnifex