Tuesday, 25 November 2014

My hopes and thoughts for 7th edition Necrons

Many people have necrons for an early 2015 release. With their last codex being released 3 years ago we probably wont see much change.

Here are my thoughts and hopes on what will change and be released:

Unit changes:
.Annihilation barges will more than likely go up in points. At the moment it sits at 90 but i can see it hitting around 120/130, but not changing much other wise.
.Nightscythes will definitly go up like 30ish points and will more than likely see the invasion beams changed.
.flayed ones need something to make them viable. I would like to see maybe a change in movement somehow and hopefully something to help them in combat. Maybe a new chart or weapon of somesort.
.Destroyers in my opinion need another wound, apart from that i think their good and their point cost is reasonable.
.Hopefully C'Tan drop in point or get better and stay same as their really cool.

Model changes:
.I think we will get new Destroyers with heavy and lord options. About £30 for 3 with 3 heavy gauss cannons, and enough bits for the lord that we can use spares for normal overlords and lords like weapons and that we dont have bits for.
.A C'Tan model would be one of my top wants for new models. A basic body that we can customize with loads of bits that correspond with the book powers. As well as options to make the nightbringer, deciever, void-dragon and others as well as a transcendant. Would like to see this about riptide size maybe a bit smaller and have and extention to make the transcendant riptide size or bigger. Probably priced around £30-40.
.royal court kit would be awesome!! An ovedlord with 5 other guys. A basic body build with enough specific bits to make either 5 lords or 5 crypteks or a mix. To have actual model versions of each harbinger would be awesome. Even if we get a set number of each at least getting plastic lords and crypteks would be cool.

Codex Changes:
.Relics will hopefully be cool and useful.  A funk warscythe or staff weapon would be cool and a special orb or reanimation buff relic would be awesome too.
.Im expecting to see a change with Reanimation Protocols maybe something like units dont get it if they were instant killed.
Maybe a bit more background on dynasties.

Stuff i expect or would like see. Leave yours in the comments.