Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Latest Blood Angel Rumours

Remember at the moment these are rumours so take with salt

via an anonymous reader on Faeit 212:
• The Blood Angels Codex briefly showed up on the Games Workshop mobile website. Cover featured what looked like a Sanguinary Guard surrounded by fire.

via Lords of War Gaming on Facebook:
• Blood Angels Codex will be called Adeptus Astartes: Blood Angels. All future Codexes will use this same naming scheme.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212:
• Blood Angels are indeed pegged for a mid-November release but there will be little or even no model releases at all.

via various sources:
• New Mephiston in plastic. Huge, standing almost as tall as a terminator. Sword low across front in right arm. Left extented over the top with hand spread...individual fingers. Looks like he's lunging forward sweeping the blade in an uppercut. Cape blown about behind him. Model has skull and blood drop iconography all over. Aegis extends up like the cowl of the old figure but is much more recognisable as a psychic hood. Face is incredibly detailed. Fangs are visible.
• New Tycho in plastic. Death Company iconography with nipple armour. Carries a chainsword and signature combi-melta.
• New Corbulo in plastic wearing Sanguinary armour. Holding the Blood Chalice in two hands over his head as if in offering.
• New Blood Angels Terminators. Kit makes Terminators, Captain in Terminator Armour, Librarian in Terminator Armour, or new unit. Stormbolters are standard and not wrist mounted. Kit includes Power Axes, Power Fists, Power Sword, Force Sword, Heavy Flamer, Assault Cannon, new 2-handed Heavy Cannon, Banner. Also includes Librarian options (torso/tabard/shoulders/weapon), Captain options (combi-weapons), and a ton of bits.