Friday, 28 November 2014

Death Company and Blood Angels Codex and releases

Today it was reported that the death company box has disappeared From the GW site. Probably to be re-boxed and getting the new 32mm.

Also the codex has disappeared from site pretty much confirming the Blood Angel release.

Via source:

Blood angels get their codex next week. The cover is an assault marine wielding a plasma pistol and and chainsword, overall a nice looking cover.

Blood Angels also get new datacards and dice, but more importantly blood angels get a new tactical squad with lots of options. Shoulder pads, helmets and blood angel symbols are everywhere. It looks like a full box of bits. Heavy Flamer is also in the box.

Last but least there is a new Sanguinary Priest with with a extra machinery on the backpack, a blood chalice, and a nice looking chainsword