Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Blood Angel Release!

Blood angels will get their first release after the shield of baal set

Via Anonymous source:

Week 1: New packaged kits. Tactical marines, Sanguinary guard, Baal Predator and death company.  One more new kit either terminators or new kit.

Week 2: Terminators (containing models similar to terminators in space hulk. New weapon option aswell)/ New unit (jump pack unit?)

Week 3: Codex. Sanguinor will be LOW choice

Mephiston will be similar to the way he is now except he will be a level 4.

Sanguinary guard will no longer be unlockable as troops but death company rule from astorath will remain.

Red thirst will be more than just a roll at beginning of fame. D3 table test every game turn.

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